We had great fun investigating the best material to make Little Red Riding Hood a waterproof cape. We have also been busy talking about materials and their properties. We have […]

Angelfish Sliders

In design technology we have made a moving picture. Our moving part is called a slider. First we had to design our pictures and test different sliders. Then we created […]

The Turtles have been busy in the afternoons learning how to make sliders! They were very tricky because we had to do some careful cutting and design the backgrounds ourselves! […]

Turtles are being democratic!

This week all of the children in year 1 have had the chance to vote in the Portsmouth Book Awards! We had to choose between the four books Tidy There’s […]

Christmas has begun...

 We had a very exciting package arrive today. It was sent from Santa at the North Pole. Inside were 2 of Santa’s Elves.   Meet Binky and Stinky. They will […]

  It’s science week at Penhale Infant School! In year one we are learning all about ice! Today Miss Irving found a block of blue ice in the depths of […]

 Today we had to investigate where the best place was to stop an ice cube from melting. We chose 5 different places and made our predictions. Finlay said: I think […]

A cold and chilly Tuesday!

Today we had an exciting start to our Polar Explorers topic. We had different activities to get ourselves deep into the polar regions. Here are some of us doing the […]

A chilly start to half term!

It might have been sunny outside but it has been snowy and cold in the Turtle classroom! We are learning about the polar regions. Today we had a lovely day. […]

Jam Sandwiches!

To finish our topic we have made Jam sandwiches. We looked at the features of instructions and followed them to make a delicious tasting treat. Here we are doing some […]


This afternoon some of us created a moving picture. We used PurpleMash on the IPads to make a basket move along the washing line. The picture is from our story The […]

Angelfish Lighthouse Story

We have made up our own Lighthouse story. Here our some of our ideas. 1. A whale jumps out of the ocean and steals the lunch 2. A dragon eats […]

Getting In The Christmas Spirit!

December starts tomorrow and Turtle class have been getting ourselves ready! We have been preparing a special Christmas display for outside of our classroom! We have been busy this afternoon […]

Role play fun

Our role play area is now the Arctic. We pretend to be  polar explorers or act out a polar animal story. I like pretending to be a penguin. I was […]