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Welcome to Penhale Infant School’s blog. I hope that you and your parents will enjoy reading your class blogs. Your teacher will show you how to reply to blogs and I hope that you will have lots of ideas about what you can post on your class blog .

These were some exciting learning activities happening at Penhale this morning.


Something spooky was going on in reception this morning !


Year one was full of ice and snow, I wonder why?

img_0449 img_0450 img_0453

It was very mysterious in year two because all of the children were making dream catchers . Can you tell me which story this is from ?



  1. Mrs Keller, we made dreamcatchers because we heard the North American/Canadian traditional story of how the first dreamcatchers were made. They were made by a shaman to stop children having bad dreams. It was a story filled with magic and spirits. Now we are looking forward to putting up our own dreamcatchers in our bedrooms.

    Shark Class


    1. Thank you Shark class , I hope that you all have good dreams tonight . Mrs Keller


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